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路博润参与合作生产的创新时尚功能性多科技通勤外套采用基于Flexible Electronics技术的按需加温功能

CLEVELAND, November 8, 2018 - The Lubrizol Corporation announces that it will unveil its fashion-functional Multi-Tech Commuter (MTC) Jacket at the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, CA, November 14-15, 2018. The MTC Jacket was commissioned by Lubrizol with the purpose of demonstrating how solutions and supply chain partners can be integrated to deliver innovative, valuable solutions to the wearables market.


The MTC Jacket is the result of an impressive multiple-partner collaboration between leading experts including Lubrizol, Principled Design, ACI Materials, and Butler Technologies that took the project from concept to completion in just nine (9) months. The project underscores the importance of systems thinking in the development of novel wearable electronics -- combining design, material science, applications know-how, and value chain partners having the right mindset and capabilities - to quickly turn innovative ideas into prototypes and then commercial scale realities.


The process began with Lubrizol commissioning Despina Papadopoulos from Principled Design (New York, New York) to design and oversee development of Lubrizol's Multi-Tech Commuter Jacket, including development of the supply chain and contract assembly of jacket components into final garment form. "First and foremost, our jacket had to look good, feel good and be easy to maintain. In other words, we designed this jacket for humans," states Ms. Papadopoulos. The jacket showcases innovative technologies from Lubrizol's Engineered Polymers and Performance Coatings portfolios especially well-suited for Electronics including flexible hybrid electronics, wearables, mobile devices and accessories, and 3D printing.


To incorporate Lubrizol's highly flexible material solutions into a wearable platform, Principled Design then selected ACI Materials (Goleta, CA) for their expertise in conductive inks, encapsulants and resistance heater flexible circuit technology and Butler Technologies, Inc. (Butler, PA) for their proven capabilities in developing printed electronics, proof of concept and

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prototyping. Each member of the team brought a deep understanding in their area of expertise and contributed to problem-solving relating to the advanced design, materials and the interplay between technology to deliver form, comfort and functionality.  



Role in Lubrizol MTC Jacket Development


Project owner; material solutions provider of stretch fabrics, flexible substrates, hot melt thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film adhesives, 3D printing TPU filaments and stretch control fabric coatings (Lubrizol Engineered Polymers and Performance Coatings)

Principled Design

Jacket design, development of supply chain, contract assembly of jacket components into final garment form; project management


Comfort stretch denim fabric produced using Lubrizol's revolutionary X4zol™-J fiber technology

Ruey Tay

Comfort fit interlining produced using Lubrizol's revolutionary X4zol™-J fiber technology

ACI Materials

Flexible conductive and resistance inks for printed circuits, flexible circuit encapsulants and adhesives, heater circuit design and technology

Butler Technologies, Inc.

Screen printing of flexible circuits, application of hot melt flexible adhesive layer, assembly of flexible circuit layer(s) stack up


Each partner in the collaboration contributed to a clear, shared vision and committed resources to drive the program's speed, problem-solving, and successful outcomes. 


Designed for stylish and functional street-to-office wearability, the Multi-Tech Commuter Jacket features Lubrizol materials that ensure function, comfort and durability over the life of the garment. 弹性牛仔布和聚酯纤维面料透气且伸展自如,带来舒适的运动性和活动性。 ACI's flexible circuit heating element with stretchable encapsulation providing protection for conductive traces located across the inside of the jacket's back provides warmth on demand - without the bulk of additional clothing layers. Fabric treatment at the elbows and palms with Lubrizol coating technology enhances garment durability both in-use and when laundering.


Lubrizol's MTC jacket can be seen at the IDTechEx Show! on November 14-15, 2018 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, in Lubrizol's booth (#N28), ACI Materials' booth (# T37) and Butler Technologies' booth (#A27), helping bring to life the theme of the event, "Connecting Emerging Technologies with Global Brands".  




路博润公司隶属伯克希尔哈撒韦公司旗下,是一家以市场为导向的全球性公司,通过结合各种复杂的特种化学品来优化客户产品的质量、性能与价值,同时减少客户产品对环境的影响。 It is a leader at combining

market insights with chemistry and application capabilities to deliver valuable solutions to customers in the global transportation, industrial and consumer markets. 路博润致力于成为客户成功之路上不可或缺的合作伙伴,为其最终用户提供高效、可靠或健康的产品,进而改善人们的生活。 其拥有的技术包括用于发动机油、传动系统和其他车辆运输相关液体的润滑油添加剂、工业润滑油以及汽油和柴油燃料的添加剂。 此外,路博润还为家居护理、个人护理和护肤产品、涵盖聚合物和涂料技术的特种材料以及基于聚合物的制药和医疗设备解决方案提供原料与添加剂。


路博润的总部位于俄亥俄州威克利夫市,并且在17个国家内拥有并运营制造设施,同时在世界各地拥有并运营销售和技术办事处。 路博润成立于1928年,全球范围内共有员工约8700名。 公司2017年收入为64亿美元。 如欲了解更多信息,请访问


*含有通过ASTM D-6866标准认证的生物基成分。

**可回收性依据支持此类材料的现有标准回收计划进行认定。 产品并非面向所有地区发售。





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